Ways to Make Coupon-ing Work for You


I would absolutely attempt it for a week and see exactly what you can discover. Perhaps even include the kids-make a video game out of it. Inform them to search for all the foods that are consumed in your household in the paper and see the number of discount coupons they can discover.

The following are some other ideas and guidelines to make your "couponing" more effective:

1) If the discount coupon states "on the purchase of 2" you can normally manage with just buying one.
2) If the discount coupon is for instance "Kraft Cheddar" you can normally use it on "Kraft" anything. The brand name ought to be appropriate however typically the item does not matter
3) Find a shop that "doubles" your vouchers and store there!
4) Take benefit of the "purchase one get one complimentary" products plus your discount coupons.
5) Try to just purchase things when they are on sale. A lot of shops run their sales in rotation so to speak-if it's not on sale today, it is most likely to be next week.
6) If you discover that the Sunday paper is a genuine cash cow of vouchers for you, go out and get a 2nd paper and double your cost savings!

The only trap that I would attempt not to fall in is purchasing something even if you have a voucher for it. That's the primary objective by your grocer, isn't really it? To obtain you to purchase something that you usually would not purchase. Just get it if it is something you generally purchase or possibly something you wish to experiment with.